Thank you for a Great Campaign

Final results of Monday night Calgary Signal Hill voted 3.3% Green, a solid increase from last election. I am happy as a first time candidate and as a Green! We can only go up. The Green Party vote was 6.5% in the 43rd Canadian federal general election, up 3.1% from the 3.4% received in 2015. The Greens also increased their parliamentary caucus from two to three. In Alberta, the federal Greens achieved 2.8% of the popular vote, a modest increase of .3% from the previous electoral cycle. Ron Liepert, congratulations. I wish you success on representing all voters of Calgary Signal Hill. I’d like to thank all of the many volunteers that came to events, waved signs, knocked on doors, you’re hard work payed off! To my fellow greens in Calgary and across Canada. Great work. Canada is greener today and now it’s time to move forward together.

Moving Forward, I will be pursuing to continue my the presidency of the Green Party of Alberta.

Please stay tuned on exicitng devlopments in the Green political world of ALberta and check bacxk soon.

Marco Reid

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