Marco Answers More Questions from Calgary Signal Hill

Here are some more answers to questions I was asked! thank you everyone!!


Question – “If a back-bencher brings forward a bill that re-opens the abortion debate how would you vote on: a) re-opening the debate and b) if it does re-open, how would you vote on abortion?”

Answer - If anyone tried to open the debate with the intent of regressing or retracting a woman’s right to choose I would oppose it. In the unfortunate case that abortion was to be opened up., I would only vote in favour of a woman’s right to choose and resources to choose. I would support a woman’s access to safe and affordable abortion, contraceptive and mental health services.


Question – “Israel is one of Canada's allies, it provides much needed access to some of the world's leading technologists and cutting edge tech research. As part your party's transition to new energy sources and broadening our economy what role do you see Israel playing given your leader's support of the BDS of Israel?”

Answer - In terms of foreign affairs, I would condemn any attempt by Canada to interfere in the political outcome or influence of any nation. I would only support Canada in upholding democracy and to intervene in crimes of war that affect civilians. I have not identified a desire of the constituents of Calgary signal hill for either a pro or anti stance on BDS and thus my scope in this is limited.

Our leader has committed to running a cabinet that does not practice vote whipping. I would consult the constituents of Calgary Signal Hill on guidance on how to vote in terms of BDS and any other foreign policy and hold my leader accountable to the promise that my vote would be my own.

Question – “China has successfully bought up parts of our energy sector and around the world is creating networks of supply chains and infrastructure investments. How would your party, and you specifically vote when it comes to working with China given its relationship with the US and Canada?”

Answer - Unfortunately, our past two governments have contributed to widening the flood gates in allowing china to take over the Canadian marketplace. One of the most significant that will resonate with Calgary Signal Hill was when China National Offshore Oil Corporation bought Nexen inc in 2013.During this acquisition, unprecedented layoffs occurred along side the dismissal of shareholders.

China’s interests are not Canadian interests, plain and simple. I would vote against allowing any foreign control over the Canadian market and workforce but would vote in favour to establishing healthy trade relations with outside Canada.


Question - “Our city's public transit needs work. Toronto's public transit needs work. Montreal's public transit needs work... a pattern... How does your party plan to finance the infrastructure needs of these major cities transit needs as part of your platform?”

Answer - The pattern you see has arisen due to lack of funds. Canada is in desperate needs of green infrastructure. The lack of green infrastructure can be attributed all the way to the rise of the automobile industry. Unlike private cars, trains and public transport cannot rise with consumerism or privatization due to the nature of the good itself. Unless the development of transit is a pinnacle for governments (which it has not been in Canada) we have Calgary as a prime example of a city that has a lack of transit and other green infrastructure.

When 69th street station was complete all the construction vehicles, drove of into the sunset never to be seen again. Now we have all the focus on the green line, also a desperately needed transit line. What’s happening in Calgary is that green infrastructure is growing sporadically and not in sync with other transit lines. Patchwork transit development results in a transit system that feels incomplete, is usually not user friendly, and thus, not paid for due to low use.

Please refer to my previous blog post about how we would fund transit and other green infrastructure.


Question – “Women's health in rural Canada is unbalanced compared to general health supports. What will you do to ensure that the 51% of our population who are women will have, not only a voice, but someone who will ensure that their health needs are being met in urban AND rural centres?”

Answer - I would advocate for a gender parity initiative across the board in all administrative bodies that oversee healthcare.

Gender parity initiatives can be difficult to mandate. However, the biological needs of women is a perspective that cannot be relied on to be fully analyzed by men. I believe that the necessity for women to be in positions of administration is with the pushing of a gender parity imitative.


Question – “Quebec's Bill 21 is very contentious. What is your stand on this bill?”

Answer - In a world without background agenda’s, Bill 21 is an adequate bill that intends to separate church and state, which I am for. However, the context in which Bill 21 is presented should be scrutinized for traces of racism and xenophobia.

Pushing or forwarding one’s religion on others should only be at the consent of the recipient. I do not believe that simply wearing religious imagery equates to the intent to indoctrinate.

If a similar bill was proposed on a national level, I would oppose it.


Question - “Elizabeth has strong policies for our environment, but the overall Green platform for governing Canada as a whole (economy, foreign investment, environment, social welfare, health, etc) has never been tested. What will you do if she pushes an agenda that isn't good for our city or the nation's economy?”

Answer – I have full confidence in Mission Possible, and Vision Green as outlined by the Green Party of Canada, especially as it is a costed platform. However, governance is dynamic, and policies sometimes translate differently from theory to practice. I would be in constant and regular communication with the constituents of Calgary Signal Hill for any policy that would significantly affect the constituents.

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