Marco Reid is confirmed on the Calgary Signal Hill Ballot

Hello Constituents of Calgary Signal Hill!

It is with extreme pleasure I am able to announce that I am confirmed on the ballot in Calgary Signal Hill for the 2019 Federal election.

My vision for Canada is a country that is dedicated and held accountable to the working class. The Green Party of Canada is the only party this election that can fulfill that vision.

As MP for Calgary Signal Hill, I will work tirelessly for human rights, the environment, jobs, and democracy. I see the growing frustration in the life of Canadians. This frustration has not only grown from the last government, or even the government before that. Rather, the decades of corruption. systemic oppression and the lack of innovation that has infested Canadian governance has gone out of control. We need greens elected.

We are amidst a climate crisis, corporate regime, and era of fear. However, never before have I seen more passion and resolve to save Canada. Together we will overcome obstacles, climb mountains, and fight for the country we know that is possible.

This year, vote Marco Reid to be your MP in Calgary Signal Hill.


Marco Reid.

#Politics #albertapolitics

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