Calgary forgives Nenshi, will Alberta forgive Notley?

Calgary's 2017 election was a relative change of pace when compared to last election, or even the tame 2017 Edmonton election. With mishandled funds, "race cards", and theoretical billions being spent on arenas and transit, Calgary's election did not stray from becoming tense.

In my opinion, polls are becoming increasingly more irrelevant, and thus political junkies had to scope public perception to yield hints for Monday night's results. Although Nenshi's reputation coasted him to easy victory in 2013, the incumbent did not appear to have a home advantage in 2017. The words "arrogant" and "pompous" appeared to be the go-to labels used by Nenshi's rival's. In rebuttal, it appeared Nenshi's proponents couldn't immediately dismiss those claims, causing would be progressive supporters to question their beloved purple prince.

As an advocate for equality, I felt the walls closing in on the progress Calgary had made, and had became frustrated with Nenshi and how he created such a negative public image. I anxiously followed the election and saw Nenshi become Calgary's Hillary Clinton. Such an obvious choice with experience and direction, compared to a blind bet on running for "change". Nenshi stood for modernizing our city, but never at jeopardy of selling Calgary to corporate forces. Nenshi was also the mouthpiece of equality and diversity, who would not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Despite all of this, Nenshi's supporters were hesitant, and frankly, they had every right to be.

As time went on, and one explored the evidence, Nenshi was no longer the level headed and classy politician he was praised for. Instead, his communications with uber, colleagues, different politicians across the spectrum, and generally people who didn't agree with him, displayed Nenshi's dark side. For a politician, Nenshi isn't very diplomatic, and instead quite hostile. Nenshi had great ideas, but where were they implemented in the city? Their absence can only be attributed to a lack of friends, corporate and political.

Despite this, Progressive Calgary breathed a sigh of relief as they saw the election results come in. Nenshi would live to trend on twitter again, for now.

Not even being off the roller coaster for five minutes, I thought to myself... what of Rachel Notley?

Once the gallant hero that came to strike down the several headed blue monstrosity of corruption and greed that was the "progressive" Conservatives, the renowned Rachel is no more. The rhetoric of Alberta's NDP as of late, wouldn't pass a copyright audit if compared to the UCP. The anti-Ottawa sentiment, what seem to be growing tensions with British Columbia and Saskatchewan (what's new there), and rumblings of the NDP faltering to corporate pressure, will Alberta voters be drinking Orange Koolaid in 2019?

Luckily for the NDP, they still have a few tricks up their sleeve, and the presentation pays $15/hr, MINIMUM. From the sphere of environmentalists I know, patience for the NDP on the environmental front wilts by the day. Although the classic lines of sympathy are never too far away from a progressive's critique of Notley's NDP, there is a tone of anxiousness. Where is the action? At what point can the current government take ownership for the slow environmental policy in Alberta. I would hope for the NDP that they release a more sophisticated plan for their Climate Leadership Plan, at least one that is a little more thorough than replacing job growth with Light bulbs.

Best of Luck!


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