Busy year for a busy candidate.

As the date to the Green Party of Alberta AGM draws near, I am reflecting on all of the exciting work the GPA has done over the last year. I am also proud and eager to share my contributions to the party.

My first event that I helped facilitate was the 2016 Pride Parade. Having a lot of fun supporting members of the LGBT community, I was eager to dive into engaging with the public on behalf of the party.

Seeing that there was a lot more work with engaging the public, I pursued and won, a position on the Green Party of Alberta executing council.

I would later go on to work IT, events and organizational work. I also succeeded in bringing lots of new members to our party as well as modest media attention. Because I believe that we need to engage with our whole province and push out of Calgary, I often also found myself doing event work in Edmonton. I also formed the Calgary South-East Constituency Association, and was appointed by our leader, Janet Keeping to have a position on Shadow Cabinet

Over the months I held many socials where I saw that there was excitement for our membership to grow. I was very excited to give allegiance to what the party stood for.

In February, I spoke at the Alberta Student Leadership summit to students who were excelling and leading in their respective fields. I saw a lot of engaged students eager to join the cause.

In March I saw that our sister party, the Green Party of Canada needed assistance in by-elections being held in Calgary. Because of an internal staffing shuffle at the federal level, there was no one on the ground to get our candidate signed. I took to the streets with my network of volunteers and along with getting enough signatures for Taryn Knorren to run, we spread the green message.

I finished off my work for the month of March when I attended the GPA policy meeting where I helped mold the rich policy of our party.

As April came around I was happy to organize a Green presence at the Earth day March for Science in Calgary. I am proud to say the Green Party of Alberta was the only party to have showed support for the march for science.

After having spoken with so many people within the party and in the public. My next steps were clear. I would run for the leadership of the Green Party of Alberta. I knew that there were many strong candidates that would pursue the leadership, but I was confident, and still am, that I am the best candidate to build our membership and attract people to the party.

So my leadership race began,

Over the summer I campaigned heavily, not only to lead the party, but to share the new era of the Green Party of Alberta with the whole province.

Of course some of the work was less talking, and more action. I lead a community clean up of the section of the Bow river that was in my constituency in south Calgary. I am definitely not opposed to getting down and dirty if there is work to do.

My Shadow cabinet portfolio, of course, was Environment and Ecosystem health. So along with physically making sure Alberta's natural beauty was preserved, I wrote a press release on Canada day for advocacy to respect nature.

(Click photo to read press release)

I began my leadership tour with cooking at a stampede breakfast on behalf of FLUOR refineries. Along with serving food to Calgarians, I was able to engage with professionals from industry. As I grew up with deep ties to the Oil and Gas industry, I was versed in industry practice and news, this thoroughly impressed industry leaders, and from what I saw, sparked interest in our party.

I also had a great time helping out the Rocky Ridge Greens EDA for the Ranchlands Community Stampede Breakfeast. I also had the opportunity to meet MLA Michael Connolly, MLA for Calgary - Hawkwood, when we discussed youth issues and general Alberta affordability.

No event was more fun than the Green Party Stampede Breakfast. Where we saw the direction of our membership growth. Elizabeth May even came out to say hello and had a small meet and greet with our Shadow Cabinet

Then of course there was pride in Calgary. I proudly marched in the parade as well as wrote a press release.

(Click on picture to read)

Fall came around, and I attended the GPA Policy convention in Edmonton.

Immediately after, at the leadership candidates forum in Calgary, Elizabeth May came for a visit

It certainly has been a busy year. I am hoping the next one will only be busier. I am eager to become the next Leader of the Green Party of Alberta. Although my fellow leadership candidates are quite strong, I believe I have the amount of personality and charisma that the Green Party of Alberta needs to attract members, and even voters.

Please vote Marco Reid for leader of the Green Party of Alberta.

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