Smart Government.

I believe that the next election in Alberta, and in fact, all elections yet to come, are going to be oriented by the desire for more localized governments.

Alberta has certainly been very interesting in the last few years from a political point of view. In 2015 Albertan's exercised their right to choose their future by dismissing the longstanding Conservative regime from power, and ushering in the NDP to take the mantle. Clearly, Albertan's have the resolve and desire to change their governance if they do not see it as working for the people. It appears that no matter what party or political beliefs one holds, Albertan's seek accountability above all else.

One of the most repelling attributes of the pre-NDP conservatives was that they had grown to a mega party, whose ideals were inconsistent and seemed only to serve those within the party than the people of Alberta. The lucrative spending and the disconnect from the every day Albertan made the Conservatives a group of elites and a mere shadow of the Lougheed principles remained in the party's core. They became so disillusioned in where their authority began and ended they forgot that they held democratically elected seats, and were reintroduced to that brutal reality in 2015.

Now with our current NDP government, the lucrative spending is under control, for now, however the ability to connect with the every day Albertan has seen no more than a modest improvement. It is quite unfortunate, for no one more than parties themselves, when it is assumed that validity to govern is granted only on election days. Although governments receive their power when voted in, they must maintain this right on an ongoing basis. It certainly does not mean that they can make decisions for the next 4 years without consulting the public.

It is always a daunting task to poll or pursue other means of public consultation, but that certainly does not mean governments shouldn't do it. The solution to making government more accessible is to localize government, shrinking bureaucracy and raising citizen engagement. Localized governments will always be more adept to challenging the issues that they face in their regions.

One of the most marketable items for politicians to talk about in the current day is their accountability to their constituents. This is because there is a growing desire to get communities to make decisions for themselves. What will ensure that communities have the resources to self govern is to grant them outlets of revenue, like community centers, or parking lots.

A Green Party under my leadership will acknowledge and uphold more rights to communities to govern themselves. Our integrity will always be strong and we deny the establishment of political dynasties that go unchecked.

Vote Marco Reid for Leader of the Green Party of Alberta,


Marco Reid

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