September 17, 2017

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Thank you for a Great Campaign

October 28, 2019

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Alberta Economics

September 15, 2017



No matter the place or time on the globe, the economy will always find its way into being a topic of debate.


In Alberta this is especially true as we have always been looked upon as a leader of a strong economy in the developed world. One of the most important features of any leader is to be dynamic. However, the solutions Alberta has presented to combat economic issues has proven to be stale, basic, and ineffective in our past regime and even our current government.


The fault is not exclusively to either of the last two parties that have governed Canada, but rather their one dimensional approach to economics. Conventional political parties seem to think that it is appropriate to choose an economic system based political allegiance, rather than to construct a new, geographically oriented solution to where they govern.


For example, raising the minimum wage, being considered more of a left wing political strategy, isn't the solution to Alberta's income inequality. E