Under my leadership, one of my most determined goals will be to have the Green Party of Alberta have representation in the Legislative Assembly.

The passion I have to see us elected is not exclusive to me but shared with all of the members of our party. This however, will take time and effort. With elections coming every four years, we definitely have plenty of time to plan on political strategies.

However, I think that while we focus on getting elected, we should use our strong volunteer basis to implement the change that we are trying to seek.

I am talking about traditional activism and volunteer work. Our volunteers, and other forces that drive this party, have demonstrated time and time again during election season their determination and capability in the field. As a party we need to engage with out communities 365 days a year, not just while everyone is fishing for votes.

Our party possesses the most integrity out of any party available in Alberta. But what makes us different to the other parties if we do not show that we are willing to put our resources where our mouths are? Getting into the field and having more on the ground work will show the rest of Alberta that we so deeply believe in what we advocate for that we are willing to pursue this on our own time.

The fortunate thing is that their isn't a single member of the Green Party of Alberta that doesn't dedicate their time or effort to impact Alberta positively in their normal routine.

While we wait for legislative power, we must use the power we possess for the good of Alberta.

Vote Marco Reid for Leader of the Green Party of Alberta,


Marco Reid

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