I am proud to be part of the Green Party of Alberta. We have a dynamic brand name that means something to a lot of people. Our party can also boast a roster of academics, professionals, and genuine people that are so sincere in the ways they want to solve the issues Alberta faces.

What we unfortunately have not been doing is presenting these people to the outside world. There is no real fault for this, perhaps being exposed to something over a long period of time does nullifies its effect. However, that does not mean we can tolerate the lack of voice we hold in today's world.

My dream for the Green Party of Alberta is to see it as a pinnacle of reference for non-profit's, students, and the average Albertan to solve their issues. It could be that this dream is simply unattainable or even naive. However I truly don't see a reason why we cannot be this with the credentials and principles that have contributed to our parties formation, whether it be in our administration or policy.

I've always been a bit of a social media buff, even using those skills to work for various marketing companies. With my communications skills I will not find it difficult whatsoever as the face of this party to bring it into the light is so needs and deserves. I take this party seriously, and only want for people to do the same. It will be when we are relevant that people seeking political homes will look to the Green Party of Alberta. Strengthening our party and positioning us to win seats in elections to come.

Vote Marco Reid for the next Green Party of Alberta


Marco Reid

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