What likely is the most attractive feature of the Green Party is that it is not blindly slave to following the dogma of traditional political mindsets. The Green Party, although stigmatized to being a one issue Party, is far more complex than that. The Green Party is home to not any one kind of demographic, but rather appeals to many, coming from across the traditional political spectrum.

The membership of the Green Party of Alberta is quite reflective of that. It is likely that if you stand among Green Party members you will find anyone from the thoughtful artist, to the number crunching mathematician. professionally there are differences, some work for non-profit organizations, while others use their skills to expand businesses and entrepreneurial goals. Asking any of them their opinions will result in even more diversity. Some you will find split on many issues, whether it be Alberta's finances, environment or energy sector. When do we reach 100% renewable energy? Do we embrace GMO's? What do we tax and where will it go? All these and more are questions that you will not find consistent among Green Party members.

So when I say I want to bring Harmony to the Green Party of Alberta, I certainly do not mean we are in any form of chaos. Nor am I saying that we do not have an idea of who we are, because Greens are the most principled party available in Alberta today. What we need is perspective and resolve.

Being a science based party, and one that does not think traditionally left or right, we open ourselves to debate, this should be embraced. However we need to remember that half the gains of debate are to understand others' perspectives. Having studied Psychology and Philosophy, I know a great deal about how to facilitate the conversations our party needs to have so that we can have a unified, strong response to the outside world of who we are. I have also experienced many walks of life that have allowed me to see inside the world of both privilege and adversity. My understanding of the different circumstances of life will allow me to see through the eyes of my opponents in debate, members of our Party, and furthermore many Albertan's. I have distinct belief that if clear conversation can happen, not only will we be more educated, we will find the answers that will benefit Alberta.

I do not seek to end debate, I seek to reinforce it.

I will bring harmony to the Green Party of Alberta. I will clarify our position as a party on key issues. and while delivering these to the outside world, I will destroy the negative stigmas of our party.

Vote for Marco Reid for the leader of the Green Party of Alberta.


Marco Reid

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