My pursuit of the leadership of the Green Party of Alberta is inspired by the will and passion to improve the life of the every day Albertan. As leader I will be loyal and dedicated to advocate for the happiness, opportunity, and autonomy of all Albertans.

Although I am a fresh face to the party, I am no stranger to politics. I have tons of ideas to bring to the party and to make us a viable political choice for Albertan's. 

Why I am the Leader our party deserves

Accountable to the Alberta I advocate for.

One of my finest qualities as a leadership candidate, and furthermore as an advocate for Alberta, is how accountable I am for what I fight for.


The truth of the matter is that I am not finished establishing myself in my career, economy or personal life. At the end of the day, I have to live with the Alberta I advocate for. At the side of my fellow Albertan's, I will have to traverse the job market, environmental health, and democratic institutions, that will result in the decisions that our governments make today.

I share the fate of all other Albertan's.

Always willing to put in the work!

The Green Party of Alberta must Harmonize, internally and externally.

What I mean by "Harmonize" is that I believe that The Green Party of Alberta, although having a lot of potential, needs to reorganize internally, and become more relevant beyond our walls.

We have a lot of impressive people within our ranks, our party has an abundance of credentials and skills. Under my leadership I will make sure there is more organization in how those are used to benefit our party. 

We also have a very strong name as a party. However, we need to let the outside world know we are more than just an average political party,and that every day, whether by our volunteer work or advocacy, we are working for a better Alberta. It will be through more consistent marketing and messaging that we will communicate this.

After we achieve harmony as a party, our current membership will strengthen and new members will come to our party in mass. 

Vote Marco Reid for leader of the Green Party of Alberta to ensure this happens.

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