For The Green Party of Alberta

I sincerely care for our party. That means that although I hold the Green Party of Alberta in immensely high regard, I also believe we have work to do.

Here are my 3 key directives to a strong party.


Being a party that is moving forward and away from the conventional political spectrum we are home to many different opinions and viewpoints.

I am determined to see all of these different perspectives harmonized into one strong mindset that will be the Green Party of Alberta. 


What I want for the 

Green Party of Alberta is to impact our province so that she and her people may thrive. 

While we are not in government yet, we must dedicate ourselves to good old fashioned activism and advocacy.

We need to fight for the issues we believe in through government and out in the field.


The Green Party of Alberta has an image of reliability and integrity. However, if we are to be elected into government, we must make sure we are presenting ourselves in the most efficient and descriptive way.

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