For Alberta

Here are the values that are my driving focus. If elected as MP I guarantee that these will be my driving force day and night.


Vote Marco Reid for true progress

A Green Economy

A sustainable economy is resilient,creates jobs, and leaves no one left behind. 

Canadians deserve more than Boom and Bust. 

Here are the numbers

Real Climate Action

We must restore the harmony between humanity and the environment. This takes definitive and committed work.


Here is the plan 

People First Governance

People must come first.

It's time to enhance democracy, reinforce human rights, and fight for justice.


Here are the goals 

Vision Green

Although the above values are my focus, The Green Party of Canada and I have a fully refined Platform the covers all issues Canadians face. 

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Our Budget

If you are reading the excellent work we propose and are curious of the costs, read our full platform costing and fiscal plan.

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