Marco the Green

Bringing green wherever he goes.

Marco has been an environmentalist and humanitarian all his life. He currently resides in Calgary where he is dedicated to bring green initiatives and practices wherever he goes. Being in a tough area to do so, Marco sits as the President of the Green Party of Alberta. He performs the highest administrative level of the Party day to day, and has passionate interest in seeing Green elected officials in all levels of government.

Professionally, Marco is a Bodily Injury Advisor  for insurance. The role entails assessing medical records and legislation to process claims, while observing trends in costs of healthcare and legal access. When not working his day job, Marco does research in introduction and maintenance of green directives in many of Alberta's industries. Marco hold professional education in Psychology, Law and Society, and Sustainability Studies. 

Marco is an avid outdoorsman and gardener. Because of his affinity for the natural world and Alberta's natural capital, Marco's passion for green election is dedicated and focused.